KATHY MCLACHLAN - Broker of Record

    Platinum Service Broker

    The best thing about being in this business is all the wonderful people I have met and quality friendships I have made. Seventeen years in the real estate industry, fourteen as a broker, and I am proud to say that most of my business comes from client referrals.

    I am the mother of four boys, and am active in the community and the Arts. My passions are decorating, gardening and residential real estate. I have built a reputation for providing a 'beyond-the-expected' level of service, which is the reason my client relationships are lasting, and why referrals have always remained a significant part of my client portfolio. I strive to make the buying and selling of properties stress-free and enjoyable, by helping my clients make informed decisions and by assisting them in making their homes more desirable to prospective purchasers.

    Insightful market knowledge, a strong support system and service, service, service. It's All About Service.

    This is the second time that we have worked with Kathy. The decision to work with her again was easy. Her communication with Dad was excellent, every step of the way. When he asked that she include his two adult children in the process and decisions, she embraced the idea of having others involved, while keeping focus that Dad was her client and final direction was always to come from him.

    Kathy is reliable, responsible and professional. She made everything easy for our father...from arranging cleaning and staging of his older house, and listening to his preference to have updates in person when possible, to prioritizing information for him to know.

    It is said that one learns a lot about a person when the going gets tough...and Kathy demonstrated her energy and willingness to protect the interests of her client while maintaining her high ethical values. For the first time in Kathy's career, she had Dad's property that had significant twists and turns beginning on the night a bid was accepted to the day after closing (all on the buyer's side and completely beyond our collective control) that required research, legal consultations, additional decisions and the delicate balance of keeping Dad informed while not causing him worry between April and September. Kathy proved over and over that recommendations were well thought through, that she was exceptionally well organized, and that she was working for her client not herself.

    Kathy is an experienced real-estate broker. Most importantly she does the right thing for her client whether the waters are smooth or choppy. She had to gauge some big hurdles...and she shone!

    For you, she'll make you're home selling experience a good memory with little stress and with as much reassurance and organization as you need.

    Laurel King

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